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What to do if you have filled in the neighbors


What to do if you came home and?
Consider different options – if the rented apartment, if the property if the neighbors
are to blame, if blame you. What are the outcomes and consequences. If there is
such a thing in Cyprus as a management company?


For damage caused due to a natural phenomenon according to common law, the owner of
a neighboring apartment does not bear the responsibility. However, if the damage due to
flooding caused by negligence, the defendant may be more than one person, such as a
neighbor, the developer or seller of real estate, if it was due to negligent performance of
buildings, and even the municipality, if the circumstances point to the responsibility of
the institution of -this careless or improper operation.

Inform residents of the apartment, because of which there was flooding on their own or
through your lawyer, for the effective and expeditious receipt of the result, if you feel that
he is responsible for the Events, and, if he is the tenant, not the owner apartments, also
inform the owner. In case of immediate action is not taken, and those responsible will not
be informed about what happened in order to eliminate the damage, you can file a lawsuit
against the persons involved in the incident.

As damage or inconvenience may be considered, such as moldy walls, tread water,
bathed in a basement, damage flooring, furniture, household appliances and so on. And, if
a neighbor – the respondent makes any action or operation, or use of property belonging
to him in a way that discourages the use of real property by the claimant.
If a neighbor or any other person will be legally responsible for the damage caused to you
as a result of flooding in your apartment, you may request the following:

  • Compensation for the cost of repairs and changes made to your apartment.
  • Compensation for loss of use of, or compensation for financial losses if, for example,
    you were forced to stay at the hotel.
  • compensation for the inconvenience caused by the flooding.
  • an order prohibiting the neighbor continues to cause inconvenience.
  • Your attorney’s fees.
    Some high-rise residential buildings in Cyprus are served by the management company,
    some – residents of the house whose services are usually paid on a monthly basis and is to
    permit all sorts of organizational and maintenance issues associated with high-rise
    apartment house.