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To return the money for education


The Private school does not want to return the money for education, that we paid
for the year ahead. My child won’t go to private school this year. From
documents we have only the statement from school regarding the payment for a
school and the payment of the textbooks. Who or what authority can help me in
this situation?


The Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus concerning the Private Schools in
Cyprus are primarily responsible for the prices of the tuition fees. Any economic
transactions between the Private School and its clients are regulated by the Private’s
School’s regulations. Such Schools normally explain their regulations in the form
provided during the registration at the School, which you are asked to sign. The
School’s regulations should refer to the cases of any possible economic disputes or
problems that may appear. Thus, this is a dispute between you and the school, which
is considered as a contractual dispute. Moreover, according to the Contracts Law, it is
your responsibility to read all details and/or information and/or guidelines that are
written on any forms and/or documents which you have signed. After you signed the
document, it is presumed by Law, that you have read and understood all terms and
conditions. However, if it was the Responsibility of the School to inform you about
any such information that would influence your decision to sign or not such
document(s) and omitted to do so, then they are in breach of their obligations. You
should request meeting with the School and discuss in detail with them the said
matter; in case they do not cooperate with you, you should seek the advice of a