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The right to apply for a lawyer without charge


My husband and I are the citizens of Russia, we took the loan several years ago in
the Cyprus bank and bought an apartment in Larnaca. But unfortunately we
currently live in one Arab country and we have very difficult financial situation. We
were not able to pay the bank. We paid more than half and then just stopped. Our
case was sent to the Court. One hearing has already taken place but I do not know
the results. I would like to ask whether there is a possibility to apply for a lawyer
free of charge for representation us in the Court of Cyprus. We really don’t have
money at the moment but we expect that the company will pay the salary and we
will again be able to pay the bank. If any additional financial documents are needed,
we can provide. The husband is the founder of the company (30%), it has an audit
and we can provide a statement on the salary that is not being paid yet.


Dear reader, applicants for free legal assistance can be as citizens of Cyprus as well as
EU citizens and third-country nationals, provided that they have a permanent residence in
any state – a member of the EU. If you are fit for the criteria, you can apply for free legal
assistance. Unfortunately, in your case, if you live in a third country, not in any state – a
member of the EU, you do not have the right to apply for free legal assistance. Typically,
the person appears in court in person and submit application to the court with a request to
be granted with a public lawyer. The Court carried out a request into the social security
authorities on the economic welfare of the applicant to decide whether to approve the
request or not. If your application is approved, you have the right to choose lawyer at own
discretion from the list, which lists public lawyers who wish to provide their legal
services. In any event, we emphasize that you do not have the right to apply for free legal
assistance, if you live in an Arab country.