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The pension for third country nationals


Can citizens of third countries expect to receive a pension in Cyprus?


Pension is granted to anyone who has worked in Cyprus or abroad, provided that he / she has
reached the age of 63 years and have worked out a certain term (namely, at least 33 units of
charge from the social insurance services in Cyprus) due to the rules and guidelines the
principles of the relevant laws of the Republic. If you meet these requirements, you need to fill a
form 3-0102015, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare and Social Security.
This application form can be found on the official website of social insurance at the address:
What you need to know to apply for a pension:

  • All applications are submitted to the office of the special security;
  • The questionnaire contains all the necessary documentation, which is necessary to provide with
    a form.
    A list of the key documents:
    1) Birth certificate;
    2) A marriage certificate (if applicable);
    3) A document confirming the fact that spouses or other dependents living together (if not, what
    is the financial support);
    4) Birth certificate of each dependent;
    5) Certificate regarding attending the school by the child;
    6) Military ID (if available).