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The child’s right for education


I am a citizen of the EU, my child is five years old, he is also a citizen of the EU, and we are
from Moldova. I want to apply for the school. For this I must provide an official document from
the child’s father. The lawyer suggested to my husband to issue a power of attorney, to assure it
and send to me, but he refused. He cannot come to Cyprus and because he broke the law. Tell
me, please, is it possible to obtain this document, because I want to make all the documents for
the son legally?


Since the school has requested confirmation of the child’s father, your lawyer could prepare a
document to be signed; and you could send it by registered letter. Then the father of your son
could assure this document in his country and send it back to you by registered mail, to make
sure that it will arrive as soon as possible. If, however, the document which you need is full
custody of your child, in this case you do not need any approval or confirmation from his father –
for full custody of the child you need to go to the Court.
However, the right for education is a basic right of all children, and it should be taken into
account by mentioned school.
Our advice to you is to discuss your position with the school authorities, and start the procedure
of obtaining full custody of the child, if the father is unable to fulfill his parental responsibilities.