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Staying in Cyprus after divorce


Iā€™m married to a Cypriot for two years, now I want a divorce. Do I need to hire a lawyer if my
husband is the one who files for divorce? For how long after the divorce can I stay in Cyprus?
Can my husband put my name in the stop-list? 13/03/2015


If a divorce is filed by your husband, then you do not need to hire a lawyer. In addition, during
the hearing in family court your presence is not required. In this case, the divorce will be issued
soon. However, it is likely that the divorce proceedings will be issued in favor of your husband.
In fact, this has slight influence, except if you have a joint child, and you have problems with the
division of movable and immovable property.
With regard to your status of resident of the Republic of Cyprus, I can say that in order for your
application to be accepted, you have to be married to a Cypriot for at least three years. But since
your marriage lasted only for two years, according to the law you cannot stay in the country,
unless you will make a special request, which will be approved by the Department of Civil
Registry and Migration. To do this, you’ll need to hire a lawyer who will explain the entire
procedure and help with registration of necessary documents