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Residence permit


I have a E Residence permit – no expiry date – i act as a director of the company. But it is
connected to job in a particular company with a particular name. If there is a reorganization of
the business and this company merged with another company under a new name or just changing
its name – then I would need to get a new E Residence permit? What steps and in what period of
time should I take as the Director of the company, in order not to violate immigration laws of the
Republic of Cyprus and to preserve the status of category E. Also please note that children have
visitor status as a dependent family member. What to do with their residence permit?


Dear Reader,
If you have Category E, do not worry about any change at the Registrar of Companies. If the
particular Company changes its name, then you will have to give copy of the Certificate of
change of Company’s name to Migration Department (LONG TERM RESIDENTS/
IMMIGRATION PERMITS) and you will pay for the amendment of your Category E, 50
euro. You will not do something for your dependents family members and you do not have to get
new Residence permit. It is important just to inform Migration Department for these changes in
order to be amended at your Category E permit and you will legally live and work in Cyprus.
Our law firm is at your disposal for any further legal consultation or assistance you will need.