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Procedure regarding being put in the stop-list


IA person was put in stop-list in Cyprus. (He’s been here for 2.5 years, his lawyer had all the
documents, but time limit was exceeded – as a result the person received a letter from
immigration that he needs to leave Cyprus, a person is 70 years old). After what period of time
he will be able to come back, what procedure he needs to undertake?


Dear Reader, according to the indications you make, it is suggested that this person provided
some documentation and information to his lawyer to proceed for a residence permit in the
Republic for and on his behalf. However, the time limit of the 2,5 years that you refer to, is far
too long in order to explain to the Department why the foreigner remained in Cyprus without
been registered for so long i.e. illegally. It was his responsibility to find another lawyer in case
his lawyer was not proceeding with his case due to any reason or to request any supporting
documents from his lawyer. However, it may be that his application for residence permit was
rejected, that is why he received the letter from the Civil Registry and Migration Department to
leave the country(nonetheless, normally the response would arrive within 6 months not 2,5
years). In such a case and since he is illegally residing on the island, upon his departure he will
be put in the stop list and he will not be able to return. However, each case is examined on its
own facts and merits and the field of the Immigration Law along with operations of the Civil
Registry and Migration Department in such cases, are extremely time consuming and difficult.
We would like to offer our legal assistance to the 70 year old in order to ensure whether he is
allowed to legally reside in the Republic.