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Permission from one parent for minors travelling abroad


Sometimes the airport employees ask me whether I have permission for my children travel
abroad from their father. Is it legal? My children and me have Cypriot passports, the father of the
children does not have any objections regarding travelling to Russia, we are not divorced; he just
does not want to go with us. (14/07/2014)


A child departing from Cyprus and other countries, travelling only with one parent, must have a
written and notarized permission to travel letter from the other parent, or legal guardian, to enter
many countries, even on a cruise ship shore excursion.

You should always make sure that you carry with you the proper identification for yourself and
any children travelling with you. The requirement for an Affidavit for children travelling outside
their home country is due to the enhanced awareness of children’s rights raised by the 1980
Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This Treaty was
created to deter international child abductions and is in force between Cyprus and 76 other
countries and territories.

In addition, there is always the possibility that the one of the parents could leave the territory of
the Republic of Cyprus and take with him any of his children under the age of 18, without the
consent of the other parent. This would result, to the interference of the legal rights of the other
parent and of the child itself. Although the airport authorities may not ask you to present a
written consent (affidavit) from the other parent, if however they do request the same, you must
be able to present such document, in order to avoid any inconvenience.
In an era if heightened global security, many foreign countries are revising their visa procedures
and travel documents for minors. Such concerns apply not only to air and land travel, but to
cruise travel as well.

Our advice to all the readers is always have in your possession an Affidavit notarized at a
District Court signed by the other parent, with which he/she will provide his consent to you to
travel abroad with any of your minor children.