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Permanent residence of relative in Cyprus


My mother has no relatives except me. She lives in the Republic of Belarus. How can
I get for her a permanent residence in Cyprus? She is 60 years old. I am married to
a Cypriot, we both work, we have children 12 and 6 years. I received a Cypriot
passport more than 5 years ago.


Dear Reader, since you are married to a Cypriot, it seems that you have a bond
connecting you to Cyprus. This will be your incentive on which you will base your
request for registering your mother with the Civil Registry and Migration Department of
Cyprus. In any case, this is one of those situations that must be dealt correctly before any
official steps are taken, by professionals with knowledge the field of “special
permissions” provided by the Ministry of Interior directly. Moreover, since you and your
husband are both employed, you will be able to prove that you can offer to your mother
the financial means necessary to reside in Cyprus. Also you will need to provide her with
accommodation (i.e. your mother can be registered as dependent visitor upon you – this of
course means that she will not be able to work, otherwise any steps taken or even her
permit will be cancelled). Our legal department is well familiarized with such situations
with success whereas detailed guidance is provided to the interested persons.