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Military service in Cyprus


I have the Russian citizenship; my husband has a Bulgarian one. Recently he has also received
Cypriot citizenship by naturalization. At the moment our son is a citizen of Russia and Bulgaria.
We also plan to apply for a Cypriot citizenship for him – either through naturalization or on the
basis that he is a son of a citizen of Cyprus. We are interested in which of these two cases he will
be obliged to undergo military service in Cyprus?


According to the National Guard Law in Cyprus in case that somebody acquired the Cyprus
citizenship because he is son of a citizen of Cyprus but not from parents with Cyprus origin, then
he is obliged to undergo reduced (14 months) military service in Cyprus. In case that he will
acquire Cyprus citizenship through naturalization without any of his parents has Cyprus
citizenship then he has the right to except for military services in Cyprus. When he will receive
the letter from the National Guard for military services he will inform them about his case and
make the procedure that is required and he will except for the military service in Cyprus. The
decision for the exemption is taken at the request of the person concerned, by the Minister or,
upon authorization, by the leader or representative.