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Loss of pink-slip


I am a citizen of Russia, my daughter and me are living in Cyprus with pink-slips. But
we lost daughter’s pink-slip. At this point do I have to leave without pink-slip? They
have all the information in computer.

Dear Reader,

Do not worry about that. Your daughter’s passport, Alien Card and details are in the
file of Civil Registry and Migration Department. The only thing that you have to do is
to visit CRMD in Nicosia with your daughter, explain to the Officer that you have lost
the Pink Slip and ask for True Copy of your daughter’s Pink Slip. You will have to
pay for this a small fee there and maybe you have this at the same day. The officers
shall inform you about that. It is important for you to have your Pink Slips in order to
avoid any inconvenience during your staying in Cyprus.