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Job with “visitor” status


I am a citizen of Ukraine; I have lived in Cyprus for 6 years. I have a Greek ID. My husband is a
Russian citizen; he lives in Cyprus with the status of “visitor”. Our child was born in Cyprus.
Because of his status my husband cannot get an official job. We find it difficult to pay for an
apartment, our baby is now in Ukraine, as there is no financial ability to bring him to Cyprus. We
cannot find a company which will employ my husband with official working contract. Tell me,
what options does my husband have regarding finding official legal job?


First matter to solve is why your husband is registered as a visitor in Cyprus. Regardless of the
fact that his nationality is Russian, you state that you have a Greek ID document, therefore if you
also have a Greek passport OR you have acquired the Greek nationality also, your husband can
be registered as a worker after declaring his marriage with you at the relevant Immigration
department of your district. First step for you is to make sure that you have acquired the Greek
nationality. If this is the case, you shall verify why the relevant stuff did not inform you that you
could declare your marriage and therefore register your husband to the Immigration Department
as the spouse of a European citizen. On the other hand, if your marriage was declared, why your
husband is not allowed to work. According to the Civil Registry and Migration Department’s
procedures, as soon as you declare your marriage, your husband would be able to work and live
in Cyprus without facing any difficulties because of the rights conferred to him by his marriage
with a European citizen. In any case, you should allow your lawyer to examine your documents
and your file with the Civil Registry and Migration Department. If you do not have a Greek
nationality, the situation will be more time consuming for your husband. It is advisable to visit a
specialized Immigration lawyer in Cyprus to inspect your documents and guide you as to the
steps that you will have to follow. Also, our Law office’s Immigration Department specializes in
such cases and we are always willing to offer our legal services in the best convenient way for
our clients.