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Is it possible to accelerate the process of reviewing applications for pink-slip


I received a visitor card, pink-slip, for six months, expiration date was at the end of
November, 2015. Before the deadline, together with a lawyer, filed the documents
again, they have taken and sent for review. Since my documents health insurance
expires in six months, I expect to get pink-slip with expiration date same as
expiration of my insurance. So now the expiration of my insurance will be in two
months and I still did not receive my pink-slip. I used the service “pink-slip via sms”
and I got the answer that my pink-slip on the stage of “examination”. I changed the
place of residence and made the corresponding note in the immigration office. Can
you please tell me if it is possible to accelerate the process of reviewing applications
for pink-slip? In the event that my application will not be examined until the
expiration of my insurance is it possible that I will get reject for this reason? In case
the expiration of my pink-slip will be same as expiration of my insurance shall I
apply for renewal again, can I apply without having pink-slip yet or shall I just


Even though your request is under examination, it is not an obstacle to send any updated
document and/or a new document to the Immigration Office regarding your application
and to your stay in the Republic.

Since your life insurance will be expired soon, we recommend you to renew your
insurance. In addition, the expiry of the insurance is not a reason why they can refuse to
renew a residence permit. This can only slow down the process of your application.
Therefore, we recommend you by yourself or by using the services of a lawyer, to send to
the Immigration Office in Nicosia updated insurance. This procedure is standard and
responsible services know that the insurance policy is valid for one year. If you want to
speed up examination of your application, you must provide to employee of Immigration
Office who examines your file, a good reason which he has to take into account.

In addition, we inform you that due to the changes in the rules, you can travel with the
filling certificate, but cannot be out of Cyprus for more than three months.