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Illegally residing in Cyprus


My husband and I are in Cyprus illegally. My husband is the citizen of Syria, I’m the citizen
of Russia. We have a child. For childbirth, we used the services of a private clinic, where
they gave us a certificate of birth. I’m going to go back to Russia, how can I take the child
with me?


All third country nationals residing in Cyprus must ensure that they legally reside in the
Republic at all times. Otherwise, you are considered to be a prohibited immigrant and you
may be deported at any time from the island. In addition, in case you will attempt to depart
from the airport you may be put in the stop list. In such a case you will not be able to return
back to Cyprus. It is very important for us to know for how long you have been residing
illegally in the Republic and what the reasons of your illegal stay are. Each case is examined
and construed in its own facts and merits, as such we may be able to assist you to legalize
your stay in the island so you would be able to legally leave the island and legally return back
in the future without any problems. Since your child was born in the Republic and is a new
born, for the time being you have a direct link to the Republic not only because your child
has a Cyprus birth certificate, but also for humanitarian reasons. Please contact our
Immigration Legal Department as soon as possible in order not to forfeit any advantages that
may apply to your situation.