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How to re-make registration certificate of the car


During what period after the change of colour of my car I need to re-make
registration certificate of car? Is there some kind of law with the exact number of


The driving of a motor vehicle, while the same is not accompanied by a Registration
Certificate showing the correct colour of the motor vehicle is prohibited at all times.
Therefore you shall proceed to the Department of Road Transport as soon as possible,
for the issue of a New Registration Certificate. Any transportation with the car before
the issue of the New Registration Certificate is expressly prohibited. Moreover, it is
important to know that: In cases where the color of the vehicle is being changed, the
interested person has to present to the Road Transport Department (TDM) the
following documents for the issue of a new Registration Certificate:
i. Affidavit (form), which will be signed by both the owner of the vehicle and by
mechanical engineer who is registered in the Register of the Mechanical Engineering
of the Road Transport Department,
ii. Existing Certificate of Vehicle Registration.
iii. Receipt of payment of the prescribed fees, if any.
iiii. Form T.O.M. 144 (the form is provided by the Road Transport Department. It
must be filled and signed by the Mechanic of your Vehicle.
The above information are subject to the MANUAL of the Department of Road
Transport which is based on Laws and Regulations of the Law of 1984 as amended up
to 2013 and the “Type of Approved Vehicles LAW 61(I)/2015”.