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How to get disability pension?


I’ve lived in Cyprus since 2002; I have a residence and work permits. In 2012, during my
presence in Cyprus, I fell from a height of several meters in the basement garage and I was
seriously injured – I got concussion and severe spinal injury, and then I was on home leave for a
few months. The doctors asked me to conduct a costly inspection (information about the history
of my illness is in the Immigration Department, in the Ministry of Labor and the Social Security
Fund). I passed medical commission in a clinic in Nicosia, where I was informed that
microsurgical survey is required; I did not have funds to pay for it. Not long ago I received
assistance from the MEIS – the examination revealed that my brain and spine were damaged and
required surgery. I’m 62 years old, currently, due to an accident, I lost the ability to work – my
hands are shaking, one leg is paralyzed. The Social Security Fund in Cyprus has a certain amount
of money in my name. As they explained me, I will receive the money at the time of reaching
retirement age. Is there any possibility to get this money now, given the fact that now I am not
able to work and cannot maintain the family?


Your case deals with the payment of a disability pension, which is provided for entrepreneurs
and employees insured by Cypriot employers and volunteers under the age of 63 years. If the
disability is caused by some kind of accident (which occurred in the workplace or not), insurance
conditions are considered satisfied if the insured person meets certain requirements to receive
disability benefits.

The disability pension begins to be paid after 156 days of disability and in case of the insured
person recognized incapacitated permanently, and ends when the person reaches the age of 63
years or earlier if the person has recovered, or it had been found out that the person was able to
work. In this case, the disability pension is not paid. When the insured person receiving a
disability pension reaches the age of 63, the disability pension is converted into old-age pension.
This benefit includes basic and additional pension. The weekly amount of basic pension is
calculated on the base of the cost of the weekly average number of actual and insurable earnings
in the basic insurance. The amount of the basic pension at 100% disability is 60% of the average
weekly cost of insurance payments and increases to 80%, 90% or 100%, depending on the
number of dependents.
In December of each year shall be paid the 13th pension, equal to ½ pensions paid during the
year. Pensions are adjusted every year due to the increase in the general level of wages and cost
of living. The disability pension becomes partial when the conversion to a retirement pension is

The insured person must apply for disability pension by filling out a special form. The
application must be accompanied by the original certificate, performed in the appropriate way,
referred to in the questionnaire, and must be submitted in one of the Social Security Fund.

Statement must be filed within three months from the date when the insured person had been
recognized disable. If the application is submitted later, the pension will be paid retroactively
only for three months. In exceptional cases, however, if the applicant proves that he has a solid
reason to delay submission of the application, the pension can be paid retroactively for the
twelve months.

The right of the applicant for receiving disability pension is disqualified if the person refuses to
undergo medical examination or treatment, or participation in a rehabilitation program.

Disability pensions imply the right for free medical care in hospitals or institutions.