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How to find real estate agency


I want to buy a house. How can I check the real estate agency before I will come to them?
How to make sure that it works legally?


All licensed real estate agents in Cyprus, are and shall be registered with the Registration
Council of Real Estate Agents. The said Council is a semi – Governmental Legal Body of
public authority, it is subject to the Ministry of Interior and their aim is the proper observance
and correct application of the Laws on Realtors, i.e. Law 71 (I) 2010 and amending Law 157
(I) 2012. Moreover, the council has the power and the authority to register the qualified real
estate agents and issue relevant certificates or licenses in accordance with the provisions of
the Law, maintain the Realtors Registry and even remove registered estate agents, subject to
the provisions of the relevant Law. According to the applicable Law in effect, a “Licensed
real estate agent” means a registered real estate agent, who at the material time holds a valid
license issued under section 17 (of the Law) and includes a person who is lawfully pursuing
the real estate agent profession in another Member State and provides services in the
Republic under the provisions of this Law. You can check whether your real estate agent is a
licensed agent in the official website of the Council of Real Estate Agents in Cyprus on:
On the registry you can find the member registration number of each agent, the date on which
they were registered, the member license number and their contact details.