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Free legal assistance


I am married to a Cypriot; I have citizenship of Cyprus, bringing up a minor child (7 years). For the past
four years me and my husband have been living separately, the husband left the family and does not take
any part in the upbringing of the child, he does not support me financially. I want to file a divorce and
alimony, but I do not have the money for a lawyer, and I heard that in Cyprus lawyers are very expensive.
Is there some kind of public service that can give me a cheaper lawyer or help for free?


Providing free legal help in Cyprus is regulated by law (№165 (I) 2002). If you cannot afford to pay legal
fees without limitation the basic needs of you and your family, then you are eligible to take legal help,
which in Cyprus is provided not only in criminal proceedings but also in judicial proceedings concerning
family cases, for example, the responsibility of parents.

To apply for legal help, you must obtain the appropriate application form from the registrar of the district
court of the district where you live. A completed application must be submitted to the District Court,
which reviews your case. Along with the application form the affidavit (sworn testimony signed by the
registrar of the district court) must be attached. You must also provide your personal details, occupation,
details of your income and etc. For more information, please contact the registrar of the district court or a

If you are eligible for legal help, you must apply in writing to the District Court, considering your case,
asking for a certificate to provide you with free legal assistance. Then, from a list of lawyers who offer
free legal assistance, you choose one. If you do not specify the chosen activist, by virtue of law, the court
will appoint a lawyer for you on their own.
The issuance of the certificate for free legal help by the court ensures you that all your expenses,
including any protest regarding the same matter, will be paid by the governmaent.
For more information you can also contact the Registrar of the Court of Appeal – tel. 22865716.