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Should I pay the Cemetery Tax?

Refugee status in the Republic of Cyprus


Illegally residing in Cyprus

How to find real estate agency

Working in Cyprus for third country citizens

Procedure regarding being put in the stop-list

Rent and conditions for termination of the rent

Change of internal passport without a residence registration

General Power of Attorney on an international passport

To return the money for education

Violence in family

Dissolution of civil partnership

Legislative provisions on the protection of breastfeeding

19% VAT on land

Children born in a civil partnership

Civil Partnership Act

Divorce – property division – marriage contract

Tenant and his eviction

Court order for damages

Damage resulting from traffic accident

Inheritance – how property is distributed

How to re-make registration certificate of the car

Disability pension

Documents for the 18-year-old visitor, student pink-slip

Permanent residence of relative in Cyprus

Deposit for a residence permit of category A

Husband refused to give permission for the child’s permanent residence and studyin Cyprus

The right to apply for a lawyer without charge

Is it possible to accelerate the process of reviewing applications for pink-slip

Advertising of medical centres

Claiming of alimony

What to do if you have filled in the neighbors

Time limits for issuing title deeds

Ilegal employment termination

Citizenship by naturalization

Loss of pink-slip

Residence permit

Military service

Changing of Russian driving license

Bank guarantee for spouses of Cyprus citizens

Termination of tenancy agreement

Compensations from the employer due to redundancy

Social security for single mothers

Putting the child stop list due to the divorce of the parents

Leave on Grounds of Force Majeure

Compensation due to quitting the job

Employment of illegal workers in the Republic of Cyprus

Payment of medical services

Leaving Cyprus without divorce

Absence of last will

Change of the Surname

Grants and benefits for children

Military service in Cyprus

Registration of the marriage

The Russian citizenship for a child

Renting and Category F

Family reunification

Marriage in Cyprus

Job with “visitor” status

Cypriot citizenship for the child

Child out of wedlock

Car accident


Elderly driving license

Matrimonial property

How to get disability pension?

Claim for the property

Staying in Cyprus after divorce

The child’s right for education

Permission from one parent for minors travelling abroad

Marriage in the Consulate

Working without a contract: how to get paid?

The pension for the widow in Cyprus

The pension for third country nationals

Pharmacists & Protection of Consumers

Property tax without Title Deed

Divorce – with whom children will remain?

Immovable property tax

Two insurances

Accident on the paid parking

Exceeding the level of the noise

Responsibility of pet owners

Visa requirement

Free legal assistance