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Family reunification


What family members are covered by the law of “Family reunification”? I’m married to a
Cypriot, I have the citizenship of Cyprus, and we have a common child. I want to invite my
parents to live with us.


Non-EU family members of EU citizens who reside in Cyprus can obtain a Resident Permit.
Non-EU family members such as a spouse and unmarried children under 18 years old can obtain
a Resident Permit upon providing documentary evidence of the family relationship (e.g. birth
certificates) with the EU citizen. For any other non-EU members of the family such as your
parents you have to prove that you and your husband have the financial capacity to maintain your
parents and that your parents need to live with you in Cyprus because of medical problems or
any other needs in order to be approved the application of non-EU members of the family.
Because you have Cyprus citizenship, if you can prove the aforementioned data, your parents
will have the right to obtain residence permit in Cyprus.
The Residence Permit issued to a non-EU family member is valid for five years from the date of
the issue or for the envisaged period of residence of the EU citizen.