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Exceeding the level of the noise


My house is three meters from a small family hotel in Protaras. Three times a week from 21.00
until midnight the hotel has undergoing karaoke. The volume has extraordinary level. We talked
to them, it was useless. Please, advise how to act properly in this situation?


Under the current law, all owners of any entertainment centers are forbidden to create noise in
the working hours of entertainment establishments, especially at a time when there are
restrictions on the noise impact.

  1. Any person may file a complaint with the police for excessive noise, the source of which is
    private property or entertainment center.
  2. In order to establish acceptable levels of exceeding the noise police, in the case of a complaint,
    and in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, shall take all necessary
    measures to investigate and measure the level of noise that was coming from the entertainment
    center, located next to the house of the applicant
    Official police investigation in entertainment centers.
    The police may at any time carry out an official investigation into the entertainment center to
    make sure whether the complaint is true.
    If the police in case of the complaint from any person, or in the course of an official
    investigation, finds that the noise caused by the entertainment center or a private person, exceeds
    the allowable volume level set by law, it can enter the territory of the entertainment center and
    ask the owner to comply immediately to the provisions of the law.
    In the case of refusal of the owner, in accordance with the above paragraph, the police send
    owner a written notice of the violation of the relevant provision of the law.
    At the same time the police are obliged to provide the owner with a copy of the letter to the
    measurement of the noise level, showing all the details and circumstances in which this
    measurement was made.
    If the owner of the entertainment center was given a written notice in accordance with the
    provisions of the law on exceeding the permissible noise, he is guilty of an offense with respect
    to exceeding the sound level in the case of conviction shall be fined or imprisoned or both
    penalties. The court may also order the confiscation, seizure or retention of sound equipment
    used by the offense.
    If the police have reason to consider that the offense was committed in relation to exceeding the
    noise, the police have the right to fine the owner of the entertainment center by giving a notice.
    The fine may be reviewed from time to time by order of higher authorities, published in the
    Official Gazette.