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Employment of illegal workers in the Republic of Cyprus


We have a housecleaner, she asked us to offer a shelter for her sister (so that her sister will live with
us as a housecleaner), and sheresides in Cyprus illegally, because hercontract with the previous
employer had expired. What arethe consequences of having illegal workers at home? 07/09/2015


According to the applicable Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Cyprus, illegal employment
constitutes a criminal offence, punishable with up to 3 years of imprisonment or with a penalty of up
to 5,000 Cyprus Pounds (i.e. approximately 8,000 EUR) or both such penalties. In case you wish to
employ the said housecleaner, you should acquire a permit of employment for the said housecleaner
by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance and also an approval issued by the Civil
Registry and Migration Department. Since you already employ a housecleaner, this means that you
already have a file with the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, for employing a
domestic worker, thus the Ministry would examine in a more favorable way an application for a
second domestic worker. However, in order to consult you properly we need to know how the said
foreigner became illegal (e.g. maybe her contract of employment expired and she did not renew her
permit, or she was fired and remained unregistered after that incident etc.) Another important
element is to verify for how long she remained unregistered, e.g. for a period of 6 months she could
qualify for an approval by the Civil Registry and Migration Department easier (in conjunction with
other requirements). Our Immigration Legal Department is long experienced in such legal affairs and
we would be glad to consult you properly. Most importantly, you should act as soon as possible in
order to avoid a possible deportation of the said foreigner, whereas in case you decide to employ her,
you should not risk facing a criminal offence.