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Elderly driving license


What requirements are imposed to elderly people for extension of the driving license? I heard
that it is necessary to provide not only the report from the doctor, but also pass an exam on
driving again. Is it true?


According to the legislation currently in force, the elderly over 70 years can renew their driving
license every three years (Article 35, of the Law 94(1)/2001) by presenting a health certificate
confirming that they are capable behind the wheel. It is also noteworthy that the Law of 2004
regarding Driving License, is in compliance with European Directives and that there is no
provision specifying a maximum age for the elderlies up to which they may maintain their
driving license. It is also noteworthy that the Road Transport Department is obliged by law to
invite any dangerous drivers for validation if and when there is a complaint against them. In this
case, the driver has to arrive to the Department, for a practical test and if found unfit to continue
to keep his/her license then the same is forfeited.