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Documents for the 18-year-old visitor, student pink-slip


In April we will submit documents for an extension of our visitor pink-slip for the
whole family. My son is 18 years old. But he is still studying in the English school.
What documents must be submitted for him in addition? Do I need to open a
separate bank account for him?


In the case of families in which children turn 18 and they are still students of the school,
not make any significant changes in the application, provided that the school year has not
been completed, and you will provide a document on your child’s record for the current
school year. The child must have one year of studies in reserve before graduation. Taking
into account, however, that your child studies in Cyprus school, and essentially, the
school year is draw to close, you need to specify in what class he is and what his
intentions to continue studies in higher education field. In any of the above cases, if your
child is a student, he is considered to be dependent on you. Therefore, there is no need for
a separate bank account. But, you have to declare a change in his status from student of
school to a student of university, when he will graduate from high school (again he will
be financially dependent on you). It is based on the fact that students from third countries
do not have the right to work in Cyprus (except certain cases, very limited time and a
specific type of employment). To change the status of your child to a student of
university, you must among other documents, provide proof of applying to higher
education or University entrance and proof of payment for the current academic year (if
your child has not submitted application yet to any higher education institution, you must
properly notify the Immigration Office). Also you can provide affidavit of that you can
and want to continue to support financially your child as long as necessary, until the end
of their school or university.