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Dissolution of civil partnership

Civil partnership can be terminated as follows:

  • with the written consent of both parties,
  • a court order of the district in which it is concluded,
  • in itself, in the case of a marriage between partners, and
  • at the death of one of two partners or both partners.
  • A joint written statement of the partners about the termination of the partnership is submitted
    on a personal basis to an officer of the registration authority of the act, which registered this
    civil partnership, and, at least with the provision of two witnesses who have reached the age
    of 18 and are capable. The Joint Statement is filed in a standard form, called the Joint
    Statement on the Dissolution of the Civil Partnership.

  • After registration of the Joint Statement, the Partners are handed over in duplicate the
    corresponding Certificate of Registration of the Joint Statement, which is completed and
    signed by the registry office officer or his authorized representative.
    Termination through the Joint Statement takes effect within 60 days from the date of
    registration of the application in the Register, if the Partners have not withdrawn the
    application for termination of the Civil Partnership by another written joint statement made
    in accordance with the same procedure as in the joint application for termination.
    The procedure for termination of the Civil Partnership:
    Civil partnership is not valid if it was concluded –

  • a) until the irrevocable dissolution or annulment of any previously entered into marriage by
    any of the partners, or until the irrevocable dissolution or annulment of any previously
    concluded civil partnership by any of the partners, or
    (b) between blood relatives in a straight line unlimited, and along a minor line to the fifth
    degree of kinship, as well as between relatives in a straight line of partners, without
    restrictions, and along a minor line, to the third degree of kinship, or

  • (c) between those whom the partner adopted, or his descendants and the adopted, or his
    descendants, or
    (d) a person who is incapable of a civil partnership, where the incapacity is due to the fact
    that he is under the age of 18, or
    (e) without complying with the procedure established for entering into a civil partnership.
  • A civil partnership is invalid if there is no free consent of both or one of the partners in
    accordance with the provisions of the Law.
  • A district court in which a civil partnership was entered into may issue an order to annul the
    invalid, or declare the annulment of an invalid civil partnership after the application of one
    of the partners or the property manager of the incapable partner, in accordance with the
    provisions of the Law on the Management of Property of the Incapacitated Person, or the
    Deputy Head of Department civil registration acts, which act automatically, after the Court is
    satisfied that the provisions Aconite or non-existent free agreement at the conclusion of civil
  • An application for cancellation of the invalid, or the declaration of the invalidity of the Civil
    Partnership, may not be submitted three (3) years from the date of the conclusion of the Civil
  • A Civil Partnership, which is annulled or declared invalid by an irrevocable court decision,
    ceases to operate from the date of the court decision.