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Disability pension


I am a citizen of Greece; I legally work in Cyprus for 18 years. Plus I have “diploma
from Soviet Union” for 2 years. My total general work experience in Cyprus is 23
years. (20 years I worked in the same place). Now I have a problems with my hands

-rheumatoid arthritis. Can I get some special category to retire early?


It is possible to obtain a disability pension on the basis of your existing problems, and the
fact that there are 18 years of legal employment. In accordance with Article 40 of the
Law on Social Insurance, a person who has a social insurance is entitled to a disability
pension under the present terms:
(a) unable to work within six hundred and fifty (156) days in any period of
interruption of employment,
(b) during this interruption period in employment, to prove that it is expected to be
permanent disability;
(c) not reached the age of sixty-three (63) years;
(d) meets the relevant conditions of insurance (i.e. insurance points that need to be
confirmed in the Department of Social Security in your District).

In addition, in general, the disability pension is paid at the appropriate time, as long as
insured person is permanently unable to work and has not reached the age of sixty-three
(63) years. If you are granted by disability pension or if you have not yet been approved
to receive it, but you expect a response to your request, you must be ready go through
medical examination and to take medical care that is appropriate for your situation by
attending doctor or another physician and/or to participate in any vocational training or

According to the Law “disable person” is considered to be insured, when due to a
particular disease or disability, which has come or has worsened significantly after the
insurance, cannot earn from work, which is expected to reasonably perform, taking into
account the strength, skills, education and the level of professional employment more
than one third, or if it’s a man at the age of sixty (60) to sixty three (63) years – more than
half of the amount, which usually earns in the same area and occupational category,
physically and mentally healthy person with the same education level.
In any case, we recommend you to visit the Social Security office in your area, there you
will receive necessary information and they will calculate your insurance points and your
overall working weeks according to your holidays, possible medical leaves, if you passed
the military service, if you have children, etc.