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Damage resulting from traffic accident

First, the purpose of compensation is to return the injured person to the state in which it was
before the accident. Reparation is usually in the form of financial compensation.

After inspecting the scene and the investigation, the police provide a report. The police report,
as a rule, shows the responsibility of each of the participants in the accident. At the first stage
of compensation for road traffic accidents, the insurance company of the person responsible
for the accident ensures the payment of this compensation.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the amount of compensation offered by the insurance
company, he must refuse to settle the case in a pre-trial procedure and file a lawsuit for
damages resulting from an accident.
The maximum period for a court to consider a claim for compensation is three years from the
date of the accident.

If the claim is agreed with the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident,
the claimant will not be able to demand further payment of damages through the court, as it is
considered that the matter has been settled.

It is emphasized that the damage for which compensation may be demanded, among other
things, may be material, physical, moral. It may also be the loss of income and any other
damage caused to the applicant as a result of an accident.

However, in any case, the amount of the claim required should be fair and reasonable, taking
into account the circumstances of each particular case.
You are guilty, and you do not have insurance. If the person responsible for the car accident
does not have insurance, you must inform the police that the vehicle involved in the accident
is not insured.

In such situations can help auto insurers Fund. It was created for the purpose of paying, under
certain conditions, fair compensation to third parties with respect to liability, among other
things, uninsured vehicles.

The above information also applies to fatal cases.