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Cypriot citizenship for the child


I have a child from the first marriage (from the Russian citizen). At the moment I am in a second
marriage to a citizen of Cyprus. Is it possible to get Cypriot citizenship for the child, if it is – how
to do it?


If your first husband acknowledged paternity and, accordingly, gave the child his name, then you
will have to challenge his paternity by application to the District Court of your area. Only after
the court order your second husband will be able to recognize the child by adopting. You, in turn,
will need to provide written consent. All documents should be appointed to you by a lawyer who
will inform you about “affidavit” (sworn declaration), which you will need to sign in front of the
registrar in the District Court, and the statement (application), you will need to provide with an
“affidavit” in the Family Court. If your first husband did not recognize the child, then you do not
have to challenge paternity, your second husband will be able to recognize the child in the
District Court, it needs only your written consent. After the release of the relevant court orders
your child is entitled to be registered as a child of the Cypriot citizen.

The next step in addition to the procedure described above – you can apply for the acquisition of
citizenship as the spouse of a citizen of Cyprus – Type M125 – to the Civil department of
Registration and Immigration.
The necessary documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of criminal record
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate of child
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Cypriot spouse’s passport
  • Evidence of the receipt of the Cypriot spouse citizenship (if applicable)
  • Application for a harmonious cohabitation, signed before the responsible office of the district
    administration and representative of diplomatic authorities
  • A statement on cohabitation from the local authorities
  • The application must be submitted in duplicate, and one of the two profiles must have two
    stamps worth 8.54 euro (* subject to change)
    The application for citizenship can be submitted by spouses of Cypriots after they have lived for
    at least three years of marriage. These statements must be accompanied by an additional letter
    dated pray claiming the reasons for their desire to obtain Cypriot citizenship. If a couple has
    lived for at least five years of marriage, and has at least one child, there is no need to apply the
    above letter.

  • Along with the filing of the above statement, you must apply to the Civil Registration and
    Migration Department for the registration of minors – Type M126. This document is provided for
    minor children whose father or mother has acquired Cypriot citizenship by naturalization or
    marriage with a citizen of Cyprus (as in your case).
    Accompanying documents:
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate of parents
  • Copies of passports of the child and parents
  • Evidence of the receipt of the parent with Cypriot citizenship (if applicable)
  • A statement from the foreign parent, signed before the responsible office of the district
    administration or diplomatic representative of the authorities, with the agreement for the
    provision of Cypriot citizenship to a minor child. The statement is not required if the Cypriot
    parent received court approval for the sole custody of the minor child. Copy sootetstvuyuschego
    court decision shall be attached.
  • A copy of the receipt of payment for fees amounting to 80 Euros (* subject to change)
  • Print – 8.54 euro (* subject to change)
  • Two photos (passport size)
    Applications for children of Cypriot citizens, who acquired citizenship through naturalization or
    marriage registration with Cypriot citizen, should be further accompanied by the following
  • Certificate of Naturalization or registration of the Cypriot parent
  • A copy of the certificate proving the child studies at school
  • A copy of a valid temporary residence permit for a child
    Please note that all official documents issued abroad:
    1) Must be officially translated into Greek or English through the Office of Press and
    Information (Press and Information office PIO)
    2) Must be apostilled.