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Compensation due to quitting the job


I have a Cypriot citizenship, I work in private enterprise. This year I want to
change job. Does my employer have to give any compensation?


If the employee feels that he/she has been unfairly dismissed, then he/she can make
an appeal to the Industrial Dispute Court in order to claim compensation.

An employee is not entitled to compensation for termination of employment or
redundancy if he/she has reached the pension age (65 years) prior to the date of
termination of employment. However, he/she a warning is entitled to notice of
termination of employment period.

In your case, because YOU WANT TO CHANGE JOB AND RESIGN, you do not
have the right to take any compensation from your employer and also you have the
obligation to give notice to your employer as follows:

Period of continuous employment Minimum Period of Notice
From 26 to 51 weeks (6 months – 1 year) 1 week
From 52 to 259 weeks (1 year – 5 years) 2 weeks
From 260 weeks + (5 years +) 3 weeks

You can be dismissed or resign without receiving or giving any notice during
probation period.