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Claiming of alimony


When both and husband and wife are citizens of Cyprus, they have a little child
(under one year), and they are officially divorced, what is the procedure on demand
of alimony? Wife does not work.

I understand that without the court cannot do it. But still.
How and when they need to “demand” how and in what amount shall be paid? I
just want to imagine what can be expected? Is there some kind of a fixed rate (for
example, a certain percentage of any income)? Can it be paid automatically by the
employer or the husband himself must pay in due time? What is the responsibility
for non-payment, etc.?


To serve for payment of alimony is possible any time when your finances are no longer
common and you do not live together. Order on alimony issued only by filing a request
for alimony to the Civil Court of the city where you live. In a statement, you can ask for
the amount that you need to cover all expenses for the maintenance of your minor child,
including all that relates to health care and all the necessary things for normal life. You
must demand such amount of support, which, in your opinion, can pay your ex-spouse,
taking into account the fact that the remaining funds at his disposal and it will be enough
for his living expenses. In any case, the amount of alimony to be paid will be settled by
the Court, which is calculated taking into account liabilities and earnings of your former
spouse. The Court will issue an award confirming, if your requirements are acceptable, as
well as will determine the optimal methods of payment. An order for payment of alimony
is subject to adjustments in accordance with the changes of the child’s needs.

In case having a court order to pay child support, it does not paid, you can ask the court
with a petition under oath that the child support not paid. Based on this, the court will
issue a warrant for the recovery of this amount as well as the arrest warrant and the
recovery of this amount as a fine.

We told you the basic principles relating to the issuance of an alimony. For a more
detailed review of your case, we advise you to contact a lawyer. Our law office specialize
in issues of the Civil Court, and we will be glad to provide you with our services. If you
are unemployed and do not have money to pay for a lawyer, you can apply to the Court
for legal assistance