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Claim for the property


Iā€™m married for six years. Before marriage my husband had real estate, for which he paid a
monthly credit (2,000 EUR per month). After the wedding, we were repaying the loan by joint
efforts: from his and my income. Do I have the right to claim for a part of the property after the
divorce? 27/03/2015


According to the relevant law, even if the immovable property is registered in the name of your
husband, you do have the right to claim for your share of the said property. It will depend not
only on your actual money contributions regarding the property, but also from any other support
and assistance that you may had provided for your spouse (i.e., domestic cares or bringing up
children, etc.), which according to the provisions of the law helped him to increase his fortune.
In this case, you’ll need your lawyer to apply for the settlement imuschestvennyhs pore against
your husband.