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Child out of wedlock


Which citizenship will have a child born in Cyprus of Cypriot (out of wedlock) by Russian
woman legally residing in Cyprus for eight years, but not having Cypriot citizenship, in case the
father would not be mentioned in the documents? (There is a son from first marriage with
Cypriot, divorced).


Dear Reader, since the child was born out of wedlock and the father won’t legally recognize the
child as his own, then the child will have to acquire the Russian citizenship. However, since you
legally reside in Cyprus for the last 8 years, you have the right to apply for citizenship to the
Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia. This way, provided that you fulfill the
relevant requirements for the approval of Cyprus citizenship, you will also be able to register
your child, without any other delay. In any way, you have to make sure that your child has
his/her valid Russian passport, moreover you will have to register the child as your depended
with the Civil Registry and Migration Department – if you have not already. As such, you will
safeguard your child’s rights for the time being. Afterwards, upon the approval of your
citizenship you will be able to register your child as a Cypriot.