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Change of the Surname

Can I state the surname which I want to have (the surname of my Cypriot
husband) at the moment of submitting Cypriot citizenship and passport, while
remaining in the Russian internal and external passports with my maiden name?
Is it contrary to the law?


Dear Reader, as a general rule, on any application forms, whether those refer to
citizenship, temporary or permanent residence, whatsoever, you should state
your official Name and Surname as those are shown on your passport or on the
supporting documents proving your identity.

This, is one of the reasons that each application form shall be accompanied with
a photocopy of your valid Passport, showing your details.

The procedure you refer to, is not in breach of any law. Nonetheless, the
responsible Authorities, register each applicant and/or person according to the
personal details that are shown on their supporting documents (e.g. Birth
Certificate, Passport (internal or external), Identity etc.). Furthermore, in
Cyprus, for Russians, mostly the International passport is used in order to prove
the identity of a person, by using the Name and Surname only (the middle name
is not translated on the international passports) so it is normally not stated on the
application forms. (Accepted languages regarding the documents submitted to
Governmental Departments are English and Greek).

However, since you are married to a Cypriot national, your certificate of
marriage clearly states your husband’s name and surname. If you did not
acquire your husband’s surname yet, you can visit the District Office of your
district with your husband, by presenting the original certificate of your
marriage and your original passport. The district office will inform you in detail
about the said procedure.

Our law firm’s legal services are always at your disposal for any assistance that
you might require regarding Cypriot citizenship and any other information.