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Bank guarantee for spouses of Cyprus citizens


I am a citizen of Moldova. I’m married to a Cypriot for more than five years. When he gave me an
invitation to travel to Cyprus, he paid a bail for me. When this bail will be returned? I do not have Cypriot
passport, I’m residing here with pink-slips.


Most likely, you mean a bank guarantee, which is necessary to cover the costs in case of possible
deportation of a foreign citizen. Based on the recent changes made to the legislation regarding the spouses
of citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, the bank guarantee is no longer required for the registration of
documents. Accordingly, you can apply to the Department of Civil Registry and Migration for a refund of
the deposit. There are two forms necessary for submitting, you can request them in abovementioned
organization. Among other things, it would be very useful for all your future procedures to inform the
Immigration Office in your city that you are the spouse of a citizen of Cyprus, and to provide them a copy
of your marriage certificate.