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Accident on the paid parking


I left my car on a paid parking lot, got a receipt, and when I came back I found that my car was damaged.
Whether the owners of parking are responsible for the accident? There were no witnesses of the accident;
the employee of the parking denies everything.


The car parking is a definite place for parking of vehicles, which is leased to someone for temporary use
of the area. When a person parks his car (usually for a specified fee) in an open area or in a garage,
available to owners of the vehicle after parking it and leaves the keys of the vehicle with him, he is
blocking access to the space occupied by his vehicle. Therefore, the owner of the car parking does not
assume liability for the safety of a parked car, because its security is not the main or additional
responsibility of the owner (lessee) of the parking. For this reason he is not liable and will not pay
compensation in case of damage or stealing vehicle by third party during stay of the car in the parking lot.
In addition, the car owner can not require any cash payments neither on the basis of the provisions of the
Civil Code nor on the basis of wrongful and unlawful refusal of the tenant to control the parked car,
because in these relationships with the client / owner of the vehicle the renter never took the liability to
take any measures to prevent stealing or damage to the vehicle.

However, the law provides the protection of your rights. In case of damaging your car, you can go to the
police, provide the evaluation of the vehicle’s damage and address where the car was parked. Thus, law
enforcement institutions will be able to find the owner of the car, which damaged your vehicle and left
the parking lot. If a video surveillance system is available at this parking, it will facilitate the work of the
police on finding the location of the suspect in the offense.